Don’t buy this book for your bookshelf. Choosing Leadership is not for reading about leadership. It is for doing. It will help you develop your individualized, customized wisdom and be your companion on the road to being wiser, younger.


Choosing Leadership puts the responsibility for personal growth and professional development in your own hands. It gives you the opportunity to answer tough questions of yourself, process your own life lessons, reflect on your own experiences, and change your future. 



About Linda Ginzel

Linda Ginzel has been a member of the Chicago Booth faculty since 1992. She specializes in negotiation skills, managerial psychology, leadership, and executive development.


about the book

Choosing Leadership is a new take on executive development that gives everyone the tools to develop their leadership skills.



What is leadership? Its subjective qualities make the definition of leadership a little different for everyone-- and as Linda explains, simply developing your own point of view on what leadership is can make a big difference.

What People Are Saying

“If you want to sit still while some self-appointed guru explains how you can become the leader of your very own company, country, or religion in three easy steps, then you’ve come to the wrong place.”